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Allergy Friendly Ingredients



Our 30-year focus on sensitive skin means that we have a unique position on potential allergens. We avoid all synthetic chemicals and many common allergens. 

Plus, our products are tested on our panel of volunteers who all have allergy-prone and sensitive skin.

To be as allergy-friendly as possible, these are some of the ingredients we avoid:

Artificial Colour

The beautiful colours in Odylique skin care come exclusively from the nutrient-packed botanicals that make them. Our makeup uses pure mineral colour only.

Artificial Fragrance

Many Odylique products are entirely scent free, and if we add fragrance, we add only pure organic essential oils* for their skin benefits and power to lift the senses. We use no fragrance oils, or even absolutes. Our products are entirely free from phthalates.

Artificial Preservatives

Odylique uses no synthetic preservatives. This includes parabens, triclosan, Methyl(chloro)isothiazolinone (MI or MCI). To maintain a reasonable product ‘shelf-life’, we rely on a combination of proven, safe antimicrobials found in nature and the broad spectrum of antioxidants naturally present in the plant oils and herbs we use.

Common Food Allergens

We exclude common food allergens such as wheat, dairy and soya derivatives, peanut oil, sesame, common allergen tree nut oils (e.g. walnut, almond), and more.

Less Common Cosmetic Allergens

We go the extra step and avoid ingredients that are found in natural skincare, but that our customers with allergies prefer us not to use. This includes additives like lanolin and salicylic acid, as well as common food preservatives such as potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, and more.


Our products do not contain aluminium, nickel, or tin, or any heavy metal contaminants such as bismuth, lead or mercury. 


Sulphate detergents can be harsh on sensitive skin, so we don’t use any. To discover more, click here.

You can read about additional ingredients we avoid for other reasons here.


*A Note on Essential Oils: You might be wondering why we sometimes use essential oils when fragrance components in certain oils can upset sensitive skin: Pure organic essential oils often do not have the same irritancy as artificial fragrance compounds – or indeed as fragrance oils, or even pure non-organic essential oils that might be contaminated with pesticide residue. Odylique’s founder is an aromatherapist who understands the correct way to formulate essential oils in skincare. And in our experience, the vast majority of those with sensitive skin benefit greatly from these brilliant oils. Occasionally though, skin does become so sensitised from long-term exposure to artificial fragrance or other toxins that it cannot tolerate any formulations with essential oils. For that reason, we formulate several products without, including Superfruit Concentrate, Repair Lotion, Ultra Rich, Vanilla Lip Silk, Gentle Herb Shampoo, Pure Olive Soap, Honey & Oat Soap, Soothing Salve, and Aloe Vera Bodywash.