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In 2009, with our Face Mask, we were proud to become the first UK brand to launch skin care certified to both organic and Fairtrade standards. 2011 saw further innovation with the launch of our beautiful natural mineral make-up range in which the lipsticks are made with Fairtrade certified organic shea butter. Then in 2016 our Natural Sun Screen likewise became the first UK sun cream approved by both the Fairtrade Foundation and the Soil Association.


About Our Fairtrade Sugar

Many small scale sugar cane farmers from Iturbe in Paraguay grow the organic sugar that we use in our skincare products. To preserve biodiversity, the growers use traditional, organic methods of agriculture that have been inherited from ancestors, rather than intensive agriculture in which the sugar cane is burned. The producers receive the Fairtrade minimum price for their sugar plus the premium, a bit extra to invest in community projects – the sugar plant or 'Azucarera' of Iturbe funds the education of hundreds of children in the town’s High School. 


About Our Fairtrade Shea

The organic shea butter in our lipsticks is harvested and produced in Ghana by a women’s Fairtrade cooperative. The Fairtrade certification premium we pay ensures them a fair wage, decent working conditions and the means to invest in their community welfare and children’s education.

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