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Rosacea is characterised by areas of redness, flushing or widened blood vessels, often on the facial area. Rosacea, despite its longer name of acne-rosacea, is nothing to do with spots. Rosacea is mainly seen on the face, but can appear on the back, neck and scalp area.

Some ingredients in rosacea cream may actually make symptoms worse. The causes of Rosacea are still being researched, but a study by the National Rosacea Society indicated that cosmetic irritants can play a significant role. (Stress, alcohol and sun exposure are other triggers.)

The first easy step in rosacea treatment is to try and avoid synthetic chemicals that might be irritating your skin. In Odylique products, we avoid all ingredients like artificial fragrance that are typical rosacea triggers.

With a gentle skincare routine using calming plant ingredients, Acne Rosacea can often be improved. Rose offers particularly helpful properties - calming, balancing, regenerative - and many customers have reported excellent results on Rosacea with our rose-based skin care products. Other traditional remedies to calm and soothe inflamed skin include aloe vera, calendula and chamomile.

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