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Mature Skin

Mature Skin

For mature skin, we believe that ‘the genius of nature’ holds the secrets of the best anti-wrinkle cream, or more correctly, 'healthy ageing' cream.  

For healthy ageing and the care of mature skin, the quality of what we put onto, as well as into, our body is very important.  Our products contain no synthetic additives and rely entirely on a synergy of pure, natural cold-pressed plant oils and herbs whose high levels of vitamins and other vital nutrients are in a bio-available form that the skin can readily absorb and utilise. These include vitamins A, C and E to stimulate healthy cell renewal and give vital anti-oxidant protection against wrinkles, age spots and other skin ageing effects of the sun and pollution, whilst other phytonutrients support cell regeneration and collagen formation for smoother, firmer skin. 

Cleanse with Creamy Coconut Cleanser or our hydrating Silk-Touch Cleanser according to preference, following with Calming Rose Super Tonic if your skin is also dry, sensitive or prone to redness.  Apply Timeless Rose Moisturiser by day and fortify with a few drops of antioxidant boosting Superfruit Concentrate, especially if your skin is dry or prone to sun damage and age spots.  To combat extra dry skin on face and neck, supplement with Avocado 24hr Replenishing Cream at night as needed.  

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