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Essential Oils

An essential oil is the concentrated, volatile substance which is extracted from the aromatic leaves, flowers, seeds, bark, peel or roots of a plant, usually by steam distillation.

We offer a range of around 20 essential oils which are all of certified botanical origin, therapeutic grade, organically certified and are sourced from reputable suppliers who batch test for purity.

For ease of use and optimal storage conditions, all the essential oils are supplied in dark brown glass bottles with integral dropper. 

Please remember though that essential oils are highly concentrated substances which should be treated with respect. If in doubt, always consult a qualified aromatherapist. We also recommend you follow these safety precautions for their use:

1) Essential oils should NEVER be swallowed.
2) Keep out of reach of children who might be tempted to use them for what they are not intended.
3) Avoid direct contact with eyes and delicate mucous membranes of mouth and genitals.
4) Always apply to the skin properly diluted - in a cold-pressed plant oil for massage, in the bath, in a skin cream, lotion, shampoo etc. The most common exceptions to this rule are Lavender (Lavendula angustifolia) and Tea tree (Melaleuca alternifolia) which may, in certain circumstances, preferably under professional guidance, be applied sparingly to the skin undiluted.
5) For children and during pregnancy further reduce the strength of your blend by at least 50%. If in doubt, seek professional advice. We believe that it is safe to use essential oils in pregnancy. Misleading articles in the press over essential oil safety arose in the past after some women drank a large amount of essential oil in a misguided attempt to induce miscarriage.
6) If skin sensitivity or allergy is suspected, "patch-test" the diluted blend on a small area of skin for 24 hours prior to use.
7) Store bottles tightly closed, away from direct heat and light to maintain their freshness and bioactivity. 

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