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Acne affects a significant percentage of the population and about 80% of sufferers are women. It can be an uncomfortable condition which affects both self-esteem and comfort, added to which, successful acne treatment can be hard to find.

Spots and acne are sometimes caused by hormonal fluctuations. In this case, opting for a natural treatment to restore hormone balance such as reflexology, or consulting a qualified medical herbalist is certainly an approach that we would recommend.

A good skincare routine plays a key role in managing acne. Avoid the extremes of harsh, drying alcohol based products and oil-rich creams. Ensure your skin care is non-comedogenic i.e. does not clog the pores. (All Odylique skin care is non-comedogenic.)

While cleansing is key, stay clear of detergents that might aggravate soreness and inflammation. Opt for a sulphate free cleanser like Purifying Lemon & Tea Tree Wash. This is a gentle, natural face wash which acts as a mild, antiseptic, rinse-off cleanser. It will help to keep your skin clean and cleansed, with detoxifying lemon, antibacterial tea tree and soothing aloe vera.

The Odylique Spot On Serum is a targeted serum which can help ease the discomfort of spots and provide your skin with an antimicrobial aid. The serum is packed with superpower botanicals to promote the repair of blemishes, breakouts and minor skin damage. A small amount can be applied to the problem area.

Keeping your face clean is very important, but it is wise to avoid products or exfoliators which contain abrasives or granules, as they will hurt the skin if it is already sore and sensitive. Also make sure to wash your face with a warm cloth and do so very gently, avoiding rough wash cloths.

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