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Menopause Dry Mouth:  What You Need to Know

Menopause Dry Mouth: What You Need to Know

Posted by Kirsty Lemare on 5th May 2022

Perimenopause (the time before your periods stop) and menopause (when your periods have stopped for longer than two years) come with a host of symptoms, including issues with your mouth. Menopaus … read more

Rose Skincare - And How Rose Petals Benefit Skin

Posted by Abi Weeds on 4th May 2022

On the days when we're making our rose skincare products, Odylique HQ is filled with the gorgeous scent of rose water and rose essential oil... and an air of tranquillity descends. Receiving a bu … read more
Smooth Feet for Summer

Smooth Feet for Summer

Posted by Kirsty Lemare on 29th Apr 2022

Our feet are one of the hardest working areas of our body. You don’t have to be a regular runner; just the usual day to day puts stress and strain on our feet. As a low-ish circulation area in t … read more