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What Makes Us Different?


Our skin is a living, breathing organ, the largest in the body. Much of what we put on our skin is absorbed into our body, a scientific principle illustrated by nicotine and hormone patches.

Likewise, the synthetic chemicals in many skincare preparations soak into the skin and, as the body cannot recognise and process these 'foreign' substances, often accumulate in the tissues with the potential over time to cause an allergic skin reaction (such as contact dermatitis or eczema) and / or disrupt other systems in the body.

Thus, choosing certified organic body care is as important in decreasing the toxic load on the body as choosing a healthy (and organic!) diet. Plants grown organically yield the purest oils and extracts, free from herbicide and pesticide contamination. There is little point in using therapeutic herbal extracts if they contain chemical residues. Research also shows that plants grown organically have a higher level of vital antioxidant vitamins than non-organic.

Using organic products also means that you are helping to support the sustainability of our environment. It is widely acknowledged that organic farming is better for wildlife, causes lower pollution from sprays, and produces less carbon dioxide and less dangerous wastes.