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Why You Don't Need A Conditioner

Why You Don't Need A Conditioner

Because our shampoos are 100% natural and based entirely on gentle non-sulphate cleansers and a high concentration of organic vitamin and mineral-rich botanicals, they are so kind and conditioning to hair and scalp, that a separate conditioner is not usually necessary. Aloe juice, rosemary, chamomile, biodynamic nettle and horsetail are packed with nutrients including chlorophyll, iron and silica which promote a healthy scalp and hair growth. Coconut is absorbed deep into the hair shaft for improved condition, manageability and shine.

Commercial shampoos and conditioners often contain silicone which coats the hair shaft to increase comb-ability and shine, disguising rather than addressing any underlying damage. They can also build up over time making hair lank and heavy.  

Switching to a botanical based shampoo containing natural, active hair nutrients should avoid the need for a separate conditioner, but if your hair has underlying damage or is chemically treated, we recommend scrunching a tiny spot of Organic Ultra Rich Balm into hair ends after shampooing until the condition improves. Or give your hair an overnight intensive treatment mask by applying a very small amount to your scalp using fingertips, comb through, cover head with a shower cap (or protect pillow with a towel) and shampoo out well in the morning.

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