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Wrinkles & Fine Lines

Wrinkles & Fine Lines


Fine lines under the eyes and under eye wrinkles are experienced by everyone eventually. Many think that wrinkles and fine lines under the eyes are caused purely by age, but there are several other factors that can contribute to under eye wrinkles. Sun damage, smoking, squinting, and even dehydration can cause lines and wrinkles to develop in the eye area, so it is important to address these contributing factors and also seek nourishing treatment to help improve the skin’s health and appearance.

Treating under eye wrinkles and fine lines needs to be approached both by repairing and preventing the problem, as of course you only notice wrinkles under the eyes when they are already there! Often, as a result of a range of factors, the skin around the eye loses its elasticity over time and the skin isn’t able to support as many lipid (fat) cells to cushion the eye. As these cells are lost, wrinkles and lines appear. Adding moisture to the area and promoting cell renewal with the right botanical extracts can slow down the process. And fortunately the plant kingdom has a proven menu of goodies to offer in this regard!

The area of skin around the eyes is extremely delicate, much more so than any other area of the face, so best to avoid oil-heavy products which encourage puffiness and harsh ingredients that can irritate. Odylique products of course only contain gentle natural ingredients, but Timeless Rose Moisturiser is particularly good as a gentle, skin smoothing eye cream with its light texture and powerpack of botanicals that can help minimise under eye wrinkles. Powerful extracts of rose and sea buckthorn fruit protect from UV-induced damage and stimulate collagen synthesis & cell renewal.

Internal dehydration is another factor that you have some control over, so remember to have plenty of healthy drinks during the day like water, herbal tea or coconut water. And a good pair of sunglasses and a sun hat gives your skin an extra helping hand too!

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