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Natural Toothpaste - Your Complete 2022 Guide

Posted by Kirsty Black on 27th Mar 2022

The movement toward a natural way of life has extended even further than buying organic shampoo and skincare; we now have a great selection of natural toothpaste to suit everybody’s needs.

But you might ask why is there a need for natural toothpaste?

For many of the same reasons, people opt for other natural products. There are environmental, health, and ethical implications of choosing products that contain toxic, unsustainably sourced ingredients.

Controversial Toothpaste Ingredients

Many conventional kinds of toothpaste contain ingredients considered ‘controversial’, meaning there are arguments from experts on both sides for why they should or should not be used. From our perspective, it is up to the individual to make up their mind, so we have outlined some of the more controversial ingredients below and leave the conclusions up to you!

Fluoride Free Toothpaste

We’ve been told for years that fluoride is good for our teeth, so why opt for fluoride free toothpaste? Yes, fluoride can prevent cavities and is recommended by many dentists, but there’s research to suggest that it may have links to other issues that you might also want to consider:

- Fluoride can cause dental fluorosis, a condition that physically weakens the teeth, however, this tends to be uncommon in the UK.
- A number of studies(75, as of 2020) link fluoride to reduced IQ, particularly when children are exposed.
- There are guidelines on how much fluoride should be in toothpaste; however, this often depends on how much we use each time. Over-exposure to fluoride is easily done, particularly in children who tend to use much more toothpaste than  recommended.
- Much of the fluoride found in products is not naturally occurring but a bi-product of the fertilizer industry that sits under the term ‘silicofluorides’ which have raised concerns over the environmental impact to aquatic life, soil, and the health of those who work within this industry. The National Research Council in the US has found associations between fluoride and endocrine disruption in the thyroid,parathyroid, pancreas, and pineal gland.

If you choose fluoride free toothpaste, you need not be disadvantaged. Taking care of your teeth by brushing and flossing regularly (at least twice per day), avoiding refined sugars, and eating a well-balanced diet will keep your teeth in tip-top condition.

Toothpaste Without SLS

Many conventional types of toothpaste contain sodium lauryl sulphate, a harsh, synthetic detergent. SLS has been found to increase the likelihood of developing mouth ulcers, peeling, and irritation.

SLS is usually used in body care products, like shampoo and toothpaste because it creates a foaming effect, which deceptively creates the notion that it’s doing a better job at cleansing – which isn’t true!

This is why so many genuinely natural products don’t lather – there’s no practical need for it. Toothpaste without SLS will work just as well – or better than one with.

SLS also has been linked to other issues:
- Carcinogenicity– depending on the process of manufacture, SLS can be contaminated with other toxic chemicals.
- SLS has been found to be irritating to the eyes, skin, and respiratory tract.
- The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health reports that if ingested (easily done with toothpaste!) SLS can cause vomiting and diarrhea.

At Odylique, we stay clear of sulphates in our products, so if you’re also on the look our for other products, such as a shampoo without SLS, have a browse of our products here!

Toothpaste Without Triclosan

Although triclosan was once used in toothpaste, it was banned after a lack of evidence backing up its safety. Triclosan in toothpaste may be a thing of the past, but it’s an important reminder that just because an ingredient is used in a product, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s safe – lots of ingredients were once thought to be safe before they were taken off the market.

This highlights the importance of checking the ingredient labels and ensuring the product has independent certification to maximise purity.

Carrageenan Free Toothpaste

Carrageenan is another controversial ingredient. It actually comes from a natural source, Irish moss, and is used to thicken, emulsify and preserve.
Carrageenan is considered safe for consumption by governing bodies like the FDA, but there are some studies that suggest that it could cause intestinal inflammation and has links to carcinogenicity.
However, carrageenan is widely used in products consumed in much larger quantities than toothpaste – nut milk and yoghurt, for example, so if you were thinking of cutting this out from your toothpaste, it might be advantageous to start with food products first!

What To Look For In a Toothpaste

Organic Toothpaste

At Odylique, we love it when a product is organic. However, finding 100% organic toothpaste can be a little tricky. Although there aren’t many certified organic toothpastes, many of our favourites contain organic ingredients, helping to reduce pesticide exposure, support sustainable farming, and getting the most out of the ingredient (organic ingredients are higher in antioxidants than their conventionally grown counterparts!).

Opting for organic toothpaste also reduces the chance of unnecessary ingredients, like the ones we mentioned above, or artificial additives, such as saccharin, an artificial sweetener linked to cancer. Even though proponents of the ingredient have said that this is only an issue in large quantities, at Odylique, we like to follow the precautionary principle and not take the risk in the first place. Knowing that we’re bombarded daily with environmental toxins, we want to reduce the likelihood of incorporating more, which another reason we love organic options so much.

Cruelty Free + Vegan Toothpaste

It may come as a surprise that some toothpaste isn’t vegan; after all, would an animal product really help clean your teeth?

There are lots of ingredients used in personal care products that are derived from animals, but you wouldn’t guess by looking at the name. Glycerine – also used in skincare – can be derived from animal fat. Another ingredient, propolis, comes from bees – although some vegans are happy to use this.

If you’re searching for vegan toothpaste – or any vegan products at all – it’s important to confirm the product is also classed as cruelty free. Some companies who claim to be cruelty free still sell in areas that require animal testing (mainly China), so it’s important to look for independent certification (like the Peta bunny logo below!) to prove a product’s cruelty free status.

The Ultimate Natural Toothpastes

We love the companies who take the safety, sustainability and effectiveness of their products seriously. The list of toothpaste brands below are a combination of natural ( so, free from SLS, triclosan etc) vegan, fluoride-free and organic, to give you the very best selection to help keep you smiling brightly.

Jason Toothpaste

Jäsōn boasts its natural toothpaste can whiten and brighten your teeth while doing the important job of preventing tartar build-up.

We also love that Jäsōn is cruelty free, vegan, and biodegradable – it’s not just your teeth Jäsōn care about!

Dr Bronners

Dr Bronners is such a well-known brand, but did you know they also make toothpaste? Not only is it fluoride free, vegan and doesn’t contain any artificial sweeteners, it contains 70% organic ingredients!

Dr Bronners have also packaged their toothpaste and box in 100% recyclable materials – hooray!

Jack N' Jill

Jack N’ Jill toothpaste certainly stands out – their imaginatively designed packaging makes this the perfect product for kids – they even do a natural teething gel for tiny tots! Their toothpastes come in delicious flavours: blueberry, strawberry, blackcurrant, raspberry, banana – or stick to flavour free – all of which are certified organic! Yum!

Jack N’ Jill are totally natural, GMO free and free from palm oil derivatives.


Georganics blend together high-quality mineral powders, like calcium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate, all of which are food grade so completely safe if accidentally ingested.

Georganics have a different take on the traditional toothpaste – theirs is a powder! Simply dip your toothbrush in and brush away.

What we love about Geoorganics toothpaste is that it helps to accommodate remineralisation of the teeth. Although teeth can remineralise enamel on their own (which is a bit like enamel-restoration, to keep them strong and cavity-free), our modern-day lifestyle can prohibit this: acidic diet, snacking throughout the day and the use of synthetic products all contribute to inhibiting this process.

This is a great company to purchase from and support with their organic and fluoride free ingredients, their cruelty free/vegan status and their compostable packaging.

Dr Brite

Dr Brite was founded by Dr Paris Sabo, a cancer surgeon, who became perplexed as to why so many of her patients had no history of the illness in their family line. She began her own research and discovered the vast array of toxins found in personal care products, including toothpaste, and set about making her own products with co-founder Dr Pooneh Ramezani.

The vegan blend of natural ingredients are safe to swallow – and you might be tempted to with delicious and unique flavours like mint chocolate!


Truthpaste provides zero-waste, vegan, natural, and consciously chosen ingredients in their formulations. We love that Truthpaste put emphasis on usingbotanical ingredients with a purpose, with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, alongside minerals to reduce plaque, prevent decay and naturally whiten the teeth.
They even incorporate one of our favourite botanicals – Aloe Vera – into their products to prevent gingivitis and periodontitis.

Kingfisher Toothpaste

Kingfisher toothpaste is the UK’s leading natural toothpaste, and it’s on Ethical Consumer’s ‘Best Buy’ list.Their toothpastes are vegan, cruelty free, free from artificial colours, sweeteners, and preservatives. They also have the option of fluoride free, if you wish.

To get their mouthwatering flavours, they use a range of natural ingredients, from fennel to strawberries, so they suit everyone’s tastes.

The Green Beaver Company

All-natural and fluoride-free, The Green Beaver Company provides a range of exotic-flavoured toothpaste that will ensure you pick up that toothbrush as regularly as possible!

Their flavours include: Green Apple, Zest Orange, Star Anise, Frosty Mint, Cilantro Mint, Spearmint, Cinnamon and a special ‘sensitive’ blend.

Planet Detox Tooth Powder

With minimal ingredients and not a toxin in sight, Tooth Powder provides a simple but effective way to keep your teeth clean. Simply dip your toothbrush in the refillable jar and brush away with natural minerals and essential oils. Once you’ve used it all up, purchase again in a recyclable box and fill your jar back up!

Tooth Powder comes in three lovely flavours, Peppermint, Spearmint & Clove + Cinnamon.

So there you have it, a fantastic range of conscious-toothpaste to experiment with and enjoy. If you’re interested in a more natural approach to self-care, don’t forget to check out the Odylique product range, from skin and hair care to organic makeup.

More Advice?

If you'd like any more advice on organic products, please do email us –, add your question as a comment below, or call 01638 491022 – we're here to help!