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Dry Skin Kit

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Product Overview

Do you suffer from dry skin, skin irritation or skin prone to eczema? This kit gives you two of our most popular all-natural, award-winning dry skin products, so you can try them before buying the full size!

Kit includes:

How to Use: Use Repair Lotion first, followed by Ultra Rich on particularly dry skin. Patch test on a small area of skin before use. Massage into the the skin wherever needed. Little and often is better than applying a large amount infrequently. 

7 Best Tips for Dry Itchy Skin:

1. Keep your skin clean (to avoid build-up of irritant bacteria strains)

2. Use gentle cleansers (avoid sulphates in shampoo and bodywashes)

3. Moisturise little and often; it's better than applying a lot infrequently

4. Use natural skincare (avoid synthetic preservatives and fragrances)

5. Look for skincare with soothing ingredients like chamomile, aloe vera and calendula

6. Choose clothing with non-irritant fabric like cotton and silk

7. Use skin-friendly washing powder (generally avoid biological or fragranced products) 

More on these tips for sensitive, eczema prone skin on our blog!


Repair Lotion - A time-honoured favourite, originally created by Margaret as a moisturiser for her own and her family’s eczema prone skin, and is now recommended by homeopathic doctors. Use Repair Lotion as a cream to calm distressed, dry and itchy skin on your face or body.

Ulta Rich Balm - Providing intense hydration for very dry skin and skin prone to eczema, Ultra Rich Balm supports the skin’s natural barrier function and helps protect it from the drying effects of heat, cold and wind, without blocking pores.


Repair Lotion INCI: Aqua, Olea europaea fruit oil*, Stellaria media extract*, Butyrospermum parkii butter*, Chamomilla recutita flower extract*, Glycerine**, Cetearyl alcohol, Calendula officinalis flower extract*, Hypericum perforatum flower/twig extract, Cetearyl glucoside, Aloe barbadensis leaf juice powder*, Rosmarinus officinalis leaf extract*, Lactic acid, Sodium lauroyl lactylate, Sodium levulinate, Sodium anisate, Alcohol*, Xanthan gum

Plain English:  Aloe vera juice*, Extra virgin olive oil*, Raw Fairtrade shea butter*, Herbal extracts of Chamomile*, Calendula*, Chickweed*, St. John's Wort and Rosemary*, Non-palm plant glycerine**, Plant origin moisturisers & emulsifiers, Sugar-cane alcohol* (please note that we do not add any alcohol to the product - there is a very small amount of organic
alcohol residue contained in one of the ingredients; a biodynamic herbal
tincture. By law this must be listed on the product label.)

*Made with organic ingredients (94.29% of product)

Ultra Rich INCI: Olea europaea fruit oil*, Butyrospermum parkii butter*, Cocos nucifera oil*, Cera alba*, Hippophae rhamnoides fruit extract

Plain English: Extra virgin olive oil*, Raw Fairtrade shea butter*, Coconut oil*, Beeswax*, Sea buckthorn fruit extract*

*Organically grown & produced (100% of product)